Export For The Web (Classic Builder)

This document covers the procedure of exporting your apprat.io as a web app/website

Exciting, you seem to be ready to launch your apprat.io project and showing it to the public. Congratulations! Here is how to do the launch in the most comfortable way possible.

Option 1) Export To Your Webserver Via SFTP/FTP

In the footer of the apprat.io builder, you find the Publish button:

The Publish button in the footer

In the Publish dialog, enter the SFTP/FTP details of your webserver to export your project directly to your webserver:

The Publish Dialog
You can find these SFTP/FTP details in the admin panel of your web hoster/provider. After filling out all the information, click on Publish to start the upload process. apprat.io connects directly to your web server and upload all required files.

Option 2) Export To HTML Download Package

In the footer of the apprat.io builder, you find the Download button:

The Download button in the footer

After clicking the button, the download starts, and you receive a full-working website download, which can be uploaded to any server.

Happy Release Party! 🎉