Export For iOS & Android (Classic Builder)

This document covers the procedure of exporting your apprat.io as an app for iOS and Android

Exciting, you seem to be ready to launch your apprat.io as iOS and Android apps! Congratulations! Here is how to do the launch in the most comfortable way possible.

Export For iOS And Android

In the footer of the apprat.io builder, you find the Download iOS & Android apps button:

The Download iOS & Android apps button in the footer

In the Download iOS & Android apps dialog, you can upload the app icon that will be displayed on the iOS and Android home screens. Please use a 1024*1024px (PNG file format):

Upload your app icon
You can skip adding an icon, apprat.io adds an apprat.io default icon.

In the next screen, you can decide whether you want to open all external links full-screen in the app or the iOS Safari/Android System Browser (recommended in most cases):

URL Handling

You can add a First Run ("Thanks for downloading this app!") dialog or/and a Rate This App dialog by activating the checkboxes:

Dialog Options

If you want to activate Google AdMob banner and/or interstitial ads and/or OneSignal Push Notifications, enter the relevant IDs. If you do not require these third-party services, just skip this step.

AdMob & OneSignal Options

If you want to schedule an all-inclusive App Store/Play Store submission service video call, tick the second checkbox. Otherwise, keep the first option activated.

All-Inclusive Option
After clicking Download the app prepares on our apprat.io servers, please wait up to two minutes.

🎉 Happy Release Party!

You can find more about our App Store/Play Store Submission Service in our video: