Build Your App

This document covers the procedure of building your app with the React Builder of

To request your app to be compiled, click on the Submit App section and click on the Submit App button.

Our server will compile and build your mobile app in a few minutes, usually within 30 minutes.

For Android, we will send you a link that contains a .aab file. It will be around 50 MB in terms of file size. This .aab file is ready for upload to your Google Play Developer Console. During upload, Google will shrink the .aab file size to 16-20 MB.

Compile your React app
Compile your app

For the iOS app part, we will need some extra information from your side. Head over to the "Publish iPhone" tab and click "Download project files":

Compile your React app for iOS
Download your app files for the iOS export

Afterward, send us an email with information on if you already own an active Apple Developer account. We will compile and sign your iOS app, and we will schedule a video call for your app submission.