How The React Builder Works

This document covers the functionality and options of the React Builder of

By clicking on your React app in the dashboard, the system will guide you to the React Builder, and there you have options to preview your sections, add new sections, and change the basics settings like changing the app images, name, or package ID.

Section Order

If you want to change the section list's order, you can do that by drag and drop.

Add Section

By clicking on the Add section button, you can add the additional unit that you need. You have two options of sections to choose from:

  • Master-Detail Views (Events, Shop, Food Menu, Recipe, Gallery, Radio, and General, an empty one that you can customize according to your needs)

  • Specific Views (Folder Section, Cart, Orders, User Profile, User List, Map, Notifications, Scanner, WebView (display Web Content), and Links List)
Add a new section to your app

Section Settings

Click the gear icon ("Settings") for the relevant the section:

Settings icon for React app section
Settings icon

Clicking this icon will open a new view where you can select a diverse configuration for this specific section:

Change the settings of your React app section
Configuration options

In this configuration window, you can change:

1) Basic Settings

  • Icon
  • Show Category (yes/no)
  • Menu Root Status (yes/no)
  • List Style
  • Name of the menu
  • Section
2) Categories Settings

3) Listing Settings

4) Details Settings (depending on the section)