Push Notifications & AdMob Ads

This document covers the procedure of adding push notifications and/or banner/interstitial ads to your apprat.io as a web app/website

With Push Notifications and AdMob Ads, you can inform your users individually via push messages and/or earn money with banner/interstitial advertising. apprat.io enables an easy no-code integration of these two world-renowned services.

Using the apprat.io React Builder, this integration will occur quickly.

Push Notifications

Within the "Push Notification" section, you can write, preview, and send unlimited push notifications swiftly and free of charge:

Configuration of push notifications
Configuration of push notifications

AdMob Ads

Within the "App settings" category, the "AdMob" section allows you to add and modify AdMob ads to monetize your application. In the AdMob Console, you can register your app and create your banner and interstitial ads. When you have the IDs ready, please enter them to the BannerID and InterstitialID fields:

  • BannerID → Enter your AdMob Banner Ad ID
  • InterstitialID → Enter your AdMob Interstitial Ad ID
  • IsTesting → Set to true if your app is not published yet (displays AdMob test ads then)
  • ShowBannerAds → Set to true to activate AdMob Banner Ads
  • ShowinterstitialAds → Set to true to activate AdMob Interstitial Ads
Make sure to set the ShowBannerAds and/or ShowinterstitialAds variable to true after you entered the AdMob IDs for them.

Configuration of AdMob in your React App
Configuration of AdMob Ads