How The Website Builder Works (Website Builder)

This document shows the underlying mechanisms of the Website Builder

After creating your first project, the builder is the place to be:

Editing The Layout

In the Layout tab, you find everything for the configuration of the general layout structure (like section subdivision):

Click on Login in the upper navigation bar

Adding Elements And Plugins

In the Elements tab, you find all available plugins and elements:

The Elements section of the builder
Please find an overview of all available plugins here:

  • Progress Bar
  • Website Frame
  • RSS Feed
  • List Group
  • Panel
  • Calendar (by Calendly)
  • HTML Code (e.g., YouTube or Airtable)
  • Image Header
  • Jumbotron
  • Material Box
  • Navbar
  • Pricing Table
  • Services List
  • Skills List
  • Spotify Album
  • User Profile

  • Divider
  • Div Container
  • Container
  • Row
  • Well

  • Image
  • Responsive Video
  • Image Grid
  • Media Object

  • Paragraph
  • Marked Text
  • Definition List
  • Blockquote
  • Unordered List
  • Heading
  • Page Header
  • Link
  • Table

  • Button
  • Button Group
  • Button Toolbar

  • Input Field
  • Text Area
  • Checkbox
  • Input Group
  • Form Group
  • Select
  • Contact Form
  • Form

Using The Inspector

In the Inspector tab, you can find all customization options about the selected element:

The Inspector of the builder
All configuration options of the Inspector can be found in this help article.