Creating The First Project (Classic Builder)

This document covers the procedure of creating your first app project with

The Dashboard

After logging into your account, you see the dashboard of your account. Click on the New Project button:

The dashboard is the place to be (or to start new things ^^)

Choosing A Template

After clicking on the New Project button, you can choose one from plenty of pre-built templates. Pick one which suits your personal taste best (you can still customize everything later):

It's your template, and it's your choice.

Pick A Name

After choosing a template, pick a project name. This name will be used for your dashboard, as well as display name on the home screen of iOS and Android devices displaying your app:

Names are just labels, but still relevant! ;-)

That's it!

Great, your app project was created. The builder opens, and you can set up your app:

The builder with your new project